Event hours

August 13, 2019:
– Exhibit and Static Display hours: 12:00 am to 08:00 pm
– Program schedule: 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm

August 14, 2019:
– Exhibit and Static Display hours: 12:00 am to 08:00 pm
– Program schedule: 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm

August 15, 2019:
– Exhibit and Static Display hours: 12:00 am to 07:00 pm
– Program schedule: 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm

Guidelines and rules

Due to the fact it’s a strictly business fair, a few rules are assigned to ensure that event goals will not be rigged.

For security reasons, it’s strictly forbidden to enter the event area with breeches, shorts, sandals, flip-flops during all days of the fair.

Your badge is personal and non-transferable, and this document can be requested anytime during the event.

The badge should be used all the time during your visit and stay during Labace 2019.

It’s strictly forbidden to minors under 14 years old to enter the event. Minors between 14 and 18 years old can only enter accompanied by a legal guardian that will sign a Responsibility Term to be filled out at the registration desk.

The badge will be valid during the event (3 days), to access the Exhibition and also de Congress.

If there are confirmations of special sponsored lectures, they may have additional fees to be defined by the organization, as well as the number of available seats.

Aviation Students: The half-price entry for aviation students will be guaranteed (according the promotional fee already described above). For this purpose, you must bring your proof of status with you, as student ID or proof of the last payment from your graduation course (or any current document that shows the enrollment in an university) directly at the accreditation counter.

** Aviation students’s group visitation will not be allowed.

Industry Professionals: Aviation Professionals (including captains and mechanicians), with valid ANAC license, pay a special price of R$ 40,00, presenting the professional license to the registration desk.

Comercial and Industry Professionals: Exhibitors companies’s employees (with valid company ID with photo or business card) pay a special price of R$ 40,00, presenting the requested document to receive the discount at the accreditation counter.

Civil servants confirmed by ANAC, Public servers of the Aeronautics Command, Brazil’s Navy, Brazilian Army or from the State Militar Policy: Waived registration fee to LABACE 2019. Please, present your militar ID or valid institutional ID with photo directly at the registration desk (Not applicable if you pre-registered online before the congress.)


Press professionals interested in covering the event should contact the LABACE 2019 Press Office. Proof of industry is required for accreditation in this mode. Interested parties should send an email to egom@egom.com.br with the following data:

CPFCommunication vehicle they work for
Full namePosition
Name for CredentialFull address
Date of birthCity
e-mailZip code
Mobile (Code area + Number)Telephone
(Code area + Number)

Cancellation and replacement of registration

In case of withdrawal of the LABACE 2019 registration, the participant may request a replacement for the use of another participant, provided that for the same category.

The request must be made by the participant, with a maximum deadline of 15 days before the event, to the e-mail inscricoes@mci-group.com , indicating the beneficiary’s data for the change.

Registration cancellations will be accepted until July 13th, 2019 and the request for cancellation should be formalized through the email: inscricoes@mci-group.com.

When requesting cancellation, please inform the account details for deposit. The refund will occur after 30 days of the event, with a refund of 70% of the amount paid.

Onsite accreditation

All participants can withdraw their badges or make onsite registrations, according the schedule below:

Registration desk opening hours:

August 13th – 14th, 2018, from 8h AM to 8h PM.
August 15th, 2018, from 8h AM to 7h PM.


Motorcycle: R$ 20,00
Car and Utilities: R$ 40,00
Truck: R$ 60,00

Single price: R$ 70,00


In case of any questions about registration process, please contact:

Executive Secretariat LABACE 2019

E-mail: inscricoes@mci-group.com
Phone: +55 (11) 3056-6000 – Registration department